lappy bag

The great thing about the ability to sew is the ability to create a carry-all bag specific for your needs and purposes. Two shortcoming of my current bag (that black and white one with pink trim) are the lack of a waterbottle space and, well, I couldn’t have known this when I made it but I got a new computer! And since I would like to carry that to work so I can use it during meetings I needed a better bag. Behold, the lappy messenger!

Exterior pockets for phone and wallet, plus a big deep pocket for my water bottle. Or an umbrella I suppose if the overabundance of water was more the issue.

Big middle pocket for miscellaneous doo-dads. Yes, I carry a deck of cards with me. They come in VERY handy whenever I have to wait in a doctor’s office. Gooo solitaire!!

Lil’ pockets on the side for chapstick and my camera – substituted in this photo by the deck of cards because obviously the camera was otherwise indisposed. Sadly, the camera doesn’t quite slide in and out very well if the above pocket is filled. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

Wait, why did I make this bag? Oh yeah, to hold a computer! Lappy sleeve…

All stuffed and ready to go!

The wide strap may look kinda funny, but it’s actually QUITE comfortable.

So what’s this new computer I’ve been speaking of? Well, that, my friends, would be my Dell Mini 10 netbook!

When I bought my green lappy back in 2007 what I ACTUALLY wanted was a netbook – but they hadn’t been invented yet. When I was in school I had my computer running AutoCAD, Form.Z, Photoshop, and a bunch of memory-sucking applications. Now that I’m just an 8-5er, I pretty much use the internet and that’s it. So this works well for that purpose. And yes, it is cute and tiny – deck of cards for perspective. The keyboard is ALMOST full-size, so typing really isn’t an issue.

That’s all for now, folks! Catch you on the flip-side – or when I make something else….
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