Eeep, lasers!

So something really cool happened last week: I won a drawing for $1,000 off laser eye surgery! I’ve worn glasses since I was six and can’t read the big “E” on the eye sight chart. In fact, my hand isn’t in focus until it’s less than eight inches from my nose. So, yeah, you might say I’ve been wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and planning and dreaming of laser eye surgery for a long time. My biggest fears were (1) cost and (2) actually going through with it. People start talking about eyes and I have a tendency to pass out. Literally.

I just got back from the consultation appointment. So the last time I had heard about procedures like this they took 20-30 minutes PER EYE. That may not seem like a lot, but when you freak out about eyes like I do, that feels like the length of Braveheart. Now they only take FIVE minutes per eye! Still, I wish they could just zap instantaneously, but I guess that technology’s still a few years down the road. But with a Valium, I might actually be able to pull this off.
Bad news, though. With the discount, the cost is still going to be $3,700. *gulp* I’m so cheap. The only thing that I really “splurge” on is food – I believe in eating food that tastes good and I actually want to eat, not eating something because it’s cheap. So hearing that this surgery will cost more than I make in a month before taxes made my start sweating bullets. They said they need to know within a month if I’m going to take them up on this discount, otherwise they’ll offer it to someone else. Now that IS something that makes me feel good, that someone can take advantage of this discount. (You know there are some corrupt companies out there that would say, “Yeah, let’s offer $1,000 off and then they’ll be scared away by the price even with the discount and we won’t have to give $1,000 off!” Glad this is not one of those companies.)
So I guess I have a lot to think about. Like how important is it that I eat food or have a roof over my head for the next few months. Okay, maybe not that dire. I do have enough money in my savings that I could cover this, but I worked hard to save that money and I’m not sure if this is really what I want to spend it on. Groan. Stomach in knots trying to figure this out.
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