A speaker at Urbana 2000 wrote and read this poem, and it’s been an encouragement to me through the years. Thankfully I found a copy and video online soon after the event, cause I don’t know if it’s out there anywhere else on the internet.

Note: I used to have a link to the video here, but apparently the file’s finally gone from Urbana’s website.  But the poem lives on below!   

by Alex Gee

[Satan said…]
why don’t you quit?
just consider it
well not really quit
just a little respite
really moderate
and delicate
just for now forget
that old pulpit

[I replied…]
why, cause hard hit?
what, and just sit
and take it easy just a bit?

not when cruelly hit
for we won’t forget
God’s holy writ
our survival kit
and armor outfit
we’re too legit
like MC Hammer’s hit
we’ve too much grit
our path is lit
our hearts are knit
for all to wit
you devilish twit
into your mit
you’ll never get
us to fit
or us to split
cause we admit
we’ll recommit
and resubmit
we will not quit

quite opposite
for you’ll remit
in duplicate
not commensurate
but triplicate
for it’s appropriate
that God’s doctorine
will not permit
Him to remit
the things you did
and we will get
back every bit
in quadriplicate

just up and quit?
and quite unfit
to just forfeit
my benefit
to transit
to a summit
where I will will sit
in love’s climate
and you will sit
and that’s definite
you hypocrit

not when emotionally hit
and you know it
so you just get
quickly exit
to your desolate
deserving pit
cause when hardest hit
i don’t know how to quit

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3 Responses to Quit?!

  1. alanb says:

    Great poem! Both contact and rhyme!

  2. Greg Markey says:

    I was at Urbana 2000 too. All through the years this poem has stuck to mind. Love it!

    • Alissa says:

      I am SO glad I thought to print out a copy all those years ago. The pages are tattered, so I figured I’d better put it out on the internet for when they disintegrate one day. 🙂

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