kids say the darndest things…

Every other week I help herd 50-70 kindergarteners with a half dozen other adults in Sunday school at church. Yesterday we were talking about the story of Jonah, how he tried to run away from God and got swallowed by a fish.

The leader telling the story said, “Isn’t that kind of silly, trying to run from God? Is there any place you can go where God can’t find you?”

And the little five-year-old boy sitting next to me turned, looked up at me, and said, “College?”

No, I’m fairly certain God can find you at college, too. Though there are a lot of people that act like He can’t, or hope that He can’t….

(I actually asked him to repeat himself because I wasn’t sure that’s what he really said. If he wasn’t say college, it sure sounded a lot like it. Twice.)

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