Olympic events

Thanks to a stubborn sinus infection, I spent the whole weekend in bed. With the Olympics. Hey, could be worse!

So, being that I’m an Olympics nut and everyone knows it, they always ask me what my favorite sport is. I don’t have one! Sorry! But I will admit that I prefer the more “pure” sports. I am a bit irked by the sports that have judges. Not refs, but judges. The Olympic motto is “swifter, higher, stronger” – not “athlete the judges liked the most”. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that events like gymnastics or moguls or high dive aren’t athletic or INCREDIBLY difficult requiring AMAZING talent. Only that I’d rather events be “judged” on objective criteria – like who was the fastest down the slope, who threw the javelin the furthest, scored the most goals, or hit closest to the middle of the target.
Now I’m going to contradict myself just a little and admit that I kinda like high dive and gymnastics because of the beauty and artistry. I’m going to blame my dance background for that. And I definitely love synchro because I gained a great appreciation for it watching my sister do it for a few years. (For a while she swam on the same club as one of the 2008 Olympians, Janet Culp!)
But if I was offered tickets to ONE Olympic event – winter or summer – I’d think I’d want short track speed skating. It’s so intense! Competitors skate within inches of one another and switch places a dozen times in one race. And everything can change in a moment! Don’t believe me? Hello, did you see the men’s 1500 final?
And I totally admit that I have a bit of a celeb crush on Apolo Ohno, and have since I saw him skate in 2002 in Salt Lake City.
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