tacky chair, second edition!

Just like I feared, my first tacky chair got stolen a month or two ago.  With nice weather on the horizon, I decided to make another.  

This was the starting template for chair #2 – apparently an IKEA! We don’t have one of those shops here in Colo, but hearing how people rave about them I wish we did. Actually, maybe I don’t as I might spend all my money there. I gotta tell ya, it’s a good thing that I RENT my current dwelling as it limits the kind of money I can or will spend on furnishings and decor.

Anyway, we were talking about a chair, right?

Well, I didn’t spend near as much time decorating this one or painting purdy little pictures. That’s half because I’m fearful of putting too much effort in and it getting stolen again, but also half because painting on canvas is difficult and it sucks up all the paint. So I pretty much restricted myself to the arms and legs. Just some swirly dots and strokes on the seat and back. And here she is!

Think that’s tacky enough to not be stolen? Maybe? Well, as a little insurance I did something to this chair I kept planning to do to the old one but never got around to: I wrote on it. (I know you were thinking that in your mind – “It looks like she’s written stuff on there.”)

Yup, it’s Bible verses. I used this psychology on my college laptop, lappy bag, sax, guitar, and backpack – namely that Christians are (in theory) less likely to steal stuff. And people that aren’t Christian are less likely to want stuff covered in Christian symbols / Bible verses. Hopefully this translates to a less desirable chair for yoinking.

Haven’t tried it out yet as we got a big ol’ snowstorm yesterday, and I had no desire to (a) sit in the precipitation and cold or (b) sit under the dripping gutters today. Yeah, the gutters on our building are kind of sad and have holes rusted right through them, so it’s kinda like not having gutters at all.

A few more details…

Stripes! It kind of feels like a bunch of flags from different countries to me. In a way. Doncha think? You don’t? Oh, well, maybe that’s just me.

How ’bout stars? Makes you think of one flag in particular, right? Hmm, now my brain’s going off on a wander about which countries have stars on their flags… USA, China, Puerto Rico… Never mind, I may ponder that later.

And polka dots. Always fun. I actually painted them all over my luggage once so that it would stand out among the sea of black, rolly suitcases. Initially painted red, orange, and yellow spots on it, but it looked like my bag had some weird disease. Added blue spots and that fixed it. Oh, look at me, getting all distracted again…

So there’s my new chair! Hopefully we’ll have some nice weather this summer so I can enjoy it. If nothing else, I’ll carry it to the Boulder Outdoor Cinema shows.

Back to the intense spring cleaning / organizing / redecorating I’ve got going on. Maybe I’ll post pictures of that later…
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