miscellaneous April

A whole bunch of little things, each not enough to make a full blog but too big for tweeting.

Went to the ATM today to deposit a check, and it had one of those new envelope-less systems I heard about in a commercial. Now that’s just one of those things that makes you go, “Well, duh, why didn’t people think of this before?” But it’s not just that I could stuff a check straight in the slot. It scanned it and read the amount! I didn’t have to type in the dollars and cents! Extra nifty.
Did a bathroom purge this week – huzzah! I actually stopped in the middle of an episode of Doctor Who (yeah, I’m on a TARDIS kick) because I was so possessed to go clean. Filled a bulging Target bag with expired prescription bottles, old makeup, nearly-empty shampoo bottles (I’m cheap, always trying to squeeze out another drop), and bottles of lotion I never use. I greatly dislike that if you’re female, people give you lotion all the time. I’d rather just have good ol’ practical and effective Vaseline or Aveeno lotion.
I also threw out all my nail polish and remover because, hey, environmentalist or not you can’t deny that those fumes probably aren’t good for the brain cells. And with painted nails you need to worry about chipping and upkeep. Besides, my naked fingers are kinda purdy. The nails grow fast and strong, and they’re a nice size and shape – like the ladies in the hand commercials. Honestly, I get a little vain of them sometimes. When I find myself look at them too much, I cut the nails back really short.
Speaking of liking aspects of yourself, one of my favorite words ever is callipygian. I first discovered it in one of my favorite comics, Frazz – which is kind of if Calvin ever grew up and got a job as an elementary school janitor. Love this particular image because I hate that we categorize people by, essentially, skin color. So why not something else like… butt size? Yep, callipygian means possessor-of-a-large-backside. It’s only within the past, oh, three years that I’ve accepted and even embraced my ample tush – in great part thanks to discovery of this awesome word. Callipygian. Now you have a great random vocabulary word. I’m feeling generous, so here’s another freebie: perspicacious.
Went to see “The Last Song” this morning ’cause I was just craving a chick flick. I discovered that I don’t like Miley Cyrus’ acting. Her music’s okay, though. About two thirds of the way through the movie, I heard lots of sniffling – cause all Nicholas Sparks stories are sad, ya know? Well, I was sniffling too… because of allergies. Sorry, but “A Walk to Remember” was sadder for me.
When I walked out of the movie, it was snowing. From a clear blue sky. I kid you not. Either that or some freaky-huge bits of white pollen.
After the movie, I stopped by Borders. When at bookstores I go straight for books on tree houses and tiny houses – like less than 800sf. ‘Cause both are awesome! My favorite small house EVAR!!! is here: the Lisette Cottage by Ross Chapin Architects. Actually, anything by Ross Chapin is awesome.
But my allergies were flaring up so I decided it was time to go instead of sliming the books. However, on my way out the door the stationery / blank book section caught my eye. I love journals and notebooks, filling them with text. I have a dozen half-filled notebooks around my home. I restrained myself, though, and just got a few cute little notepads that were on sale. I figure they’ll be great to have on hand as presents. But having spare prezzies on hand does make me feel like one of those super organized people who has, like, a gift-wrapping / birthday-card station.
I went through all my TV channels today, editing which ones show up when I flip through and eliminating those without signal. I’d like to say it was because I’m so organized, but in reality I was just looking to make sure I didn’t have BBCA. Because the new season of Doctor Who starts, well, today. No BBCA for Alissa, btw. Sad.
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