easy DIY celebration banner

My wonderful coworker remembered my favorite cake and brought it in for my birthday in early April. Her birthday was the following weekend, so I wanted to do something fun in return.
Inspired by this post at one of my favorite craft blogs, I decided to make a birthday banner. Mine didn’t turn out near as nice as the ones pictured (due in part to the fact I was time crunched and making it long after the sun went down) but it still worked. In fact, I’m almost ashamed to post a tutorial because mine seems so raggedy and haphazard, but I guess the concept is there and if you’re not slammed for time like me you can make a much better one.
– felt rectangles
– scissors
– paint
– paintbrush
– 1″-wide ribbon
– optional roller cutter
– optional letter stencils

Step #1: Pop a fun movie in the DVD player to watch while you work. I chose my recent delivery from Netflix, Whip It – yay for roller derby!
Step #2: Cut the felt squares into triangles freehand. Save the skinny edge scraps for something else; you’ll only use the big ones. (I used my roller cutter to save time. And I frequently used my tabletop ironing board as a worksurface for crafts…)

Step #3: Lay out the right number of triangles in a color order that you like.

Step #4: Paint the letters on. I wanted to use stencils for this step to make it look prettier and neater. However, I couldn’t make it to JoAnn’s before they closed and Walmart didn’t have any stencils. So it was just freehanded. I could have put a bit more effort into my freehanding, but it was 11 at night and I didn’t want to be up until 2.

Step #5: Cut two holes in the corners of your triangle, about half the size of your ribbon width.

(Note: for the white triangle, I used Sharpie instead of paint.)
Step#6: String the ribbon through the holes.
Step #7: Sneak into your coworker’s office and hang the banner.
Step #8: Get compliments from kind people that can’t or won’t see the hastiness in assembly.
Since her birthday wasn’t until Sunday and this was hanging on Friday, it reads “HAPPY almost BIRTHDAY”.
Oh, and yes, I did stabilize those individual pennants with a plain ol’ staple.  If I didn’t have to transport this I wouldn’t have, but didn’t want my letters sliding all over the place in my bag on the way to work.  
How about you? Do you like to go overboard for birthday celebrations or ignore the tally of trips around the sun?
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2 Responses to easy DIY celebration banner

  1. Amy says:

    KEY-YUTE! Love this. Next time I'm in charge of any sort of decorations, this is making an appearance.

  2. Alissa says:

    You better share pictures! :o)

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