closet purge!

I am thrilled beyond belief to present my newly purged closet!

This may not be that impressive to you unless you realize that my closet used to look like this…

…because my bedroom looked like this…

To put it succinctly, I suffered from what my friend Amy calls Puking Closet Syndrome.

A tiny bit of background, though.  Last October-ish, I was fed up with how my craft supplies were everywhere and whenever I made something I ended up with a huge mess in my living room.  So, I moved my bed into my living room and turned my bedroom into my craft room.  I also switched the contents of my closets, one of which had a collection of “to donate” clothes I never really got around to donating.  But then my living room had the puking closet syndrome – making my living area irritatingly messy.

Even though I’m not the neatest person, I really do like neatness.  Clutter does irritate me greatly.  I wonder how many other “messy” people are like this…

About a month ago I moved my bed back, but the closet contents hadn’t formally switched – hence why you don’t see any hangers in my former closet, just clothes on the floor.

But it wasn’t just that I wanted a clean closet.  I’ve been on a simplicity kick, trying to get rid of things.  So in addition to Amy, I was also inspired by John and Sherry.  In a comment somewhere on their site, Sherry says she has 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair black pants, 2 dresses, 4 skirts, and 18 tops.

Whoa.  My competitive side kicked in.  Could I get down to something that?

So I took EVERYTHING – even socks and underwear, piled it all in the living room, and started going through it all.  Three piles started to develop: keep, give away, and trash.  Here’s the completely embarrassing in-progress shot:

So messy.

::  hangs head in shame  ::

I made a list of Sherry’s numbers and kept it by my side to help motivate me to not hang on to too much stuff.

Then I wrote down a list of criteria for consideration:
   CONDITION – stretched out? stained? torn?
   FIT / COMFORT – too small? too tight?
   EASE OF CARE – try to eliminate anything dry clean, hand wash, or that needs ironing
   DUPLICATION – I love white shirts, but I can eliminate some

An example of what got tossed: most of my “fun” socks collection – even though the vast majority was in good condition.  They were great for college when I wore sneakers everywhere, but I never wear them anymore because (1) I don’t feel they are professional enough for work and (2) I greatly prefer barefoot to socks so usually wear shoes I can just kick off.

And after about a week of off-again-on-again work, plus freshly laundering all the stuff I was keeping, I proudly hung it all back in my closet.  And snapped a picture.  Let’s look at it again, shall we?

I emptied out a whole little dresser of socks, underwear, swimsuits, and shorts.  Everything now lives in those white plastic buckets or somewhere on the sweater stacker.

My final clothes tally: 2 pairs of jeans, 7 pairs of dress pants, 3 dresses, 8 skirts, and 27 tops.  Some other things Sherry didn’t mention but I also have are 3 “sets” of jammies, 2 sets of grubbies for painting or whatnot, 1 pair of sweats, a basket of exercise clothes, 3 swimsuits, and 3 pairs of capris for hot summer weather (I threw out all my shorts).

Oh, and one pair of hiking pants.  It’s almost fourteener season!!!

Not quite down to Sherry’s numbers, but I justified this by (1) Sherry gets to work from home and thus probably doesn’t need as many dress clothes and (2) this is my first closet purge – I hope to decrease even these numbers!

And the best news: since there’s so few clothes, thus far my puking closet syndrome has not re-emerged!  My closet is so tidy that I want to – and am trying to – keep it this way.  So I’m not tempted at all to browse the clearance racks when I go to Target.

Next mess to tackle: the crafting stuff, most of which still lives in my bedroom on the far side of the bed…

::  shudder  ::

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3 Responses to closet purge!

  1. Amy says:

    1.) Yay for throwing out shorts! I hate shorts. Except bermuda shorts, which I hope stay in fashion forever.
    2.) Did you have to buy any of your closet organizing accessories?
    3.) I'd be curious after a while if you regret getting rid of anything? Please report back.
    Love this post! Especially the part about not being tempted by the Target clearance racks. Hmm… that's one to consider.:)

  2. Alissa says:

    Good questions, Amy!

    1.) I don't like how my legs look in shorts. (Cause I'm callipygian.) Nor how most are blush-worthy lengths or look like they're from the 80s.

    2.) Had to buy the three white plastic tubs. I combed Target looking for the right size. Well, I found some that would fit but were $17 each – yeah, no thanks.

    3.) Um, kinda. I realize that I don't have many warm weather shirts. Probably because for years I had no cold weather shirts, so they're all newish and thus survived the purge. But I'm waiting until the weather DOES get warmer to evaluate my needs.

    Just not being tempted at Target makes this whole process SOOO worthwhile!

  3. Heather says:

    Oh crafting stuff is the WORST in regards to getting organized.

    Good job on your closet! Looks excellent like everything has a place. 🙂

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