The blog begins! 49 days until the Bolder Boulder!!

Contender:  Alissa.  Secretary by day, couch-potato by night.  Athletic ability consists of daily walking a mile to work, and hiking the occasional fourteener.  Would prefer eating live spiders to running.  

Challenge:  Bolder Boulder 10K Road Race.  Fifth largest road race in the world with over one million participants in it’s 30+ year history.

Goal:  to run half of the 10K distance 
Timeline:  seven weeks 
Why:  Partly, peer pressure.  Boulder is considered by many to be the running capital of the world.  For some reason beyond my comprehension, people actually enjoy running.   
Partly, to see if I can make a goal and stick with it.  Can I really push through and do something I dislike so much?  That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – so my options are getting stronger or being with Jesus.  A win-win.  
Partly because if I can learn to love running, anyone can.  
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3 Responses to The blog begins! 49 days until the Bolder Boulder!!

  1. Lynn says:

    Rather eat a spider, huh?
    Running is fantastic, you'll see!
    Good luck!

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