48 days to go – running sucks…

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.  I wanted to reach inside my skull and throttle the voice of Debbie Reynolds that was singing, Good morning, good morn-ing!  I dislike mornings almost as much as running.  So extra character points for me! 

Arrived at the gym and realized I forgot my pass.  Had to pay cash.  Hmm, today’s starting to remind me of a book I’ve read… 

I chose a treadmill by the window with a great view of Boulder.  But only ran half a mile before I started feeling very sick.  I was reminded of why running was used as a form of punishment in most gym classes.  Moved to the elliptical to keep my heartrate going a while longer. 

Discouraging workout.  I know that rewarding things take time, but I still can’t stop wishing they were instantaneous.

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