47 DTBB – hello, Boulder Creek!

Dropped a chair on my foot today at work, so I have a broken toenail.  It hurts like a… well, I guess broken toenail.  I limped home in my dress shoes, but thankfully my running shoes give it no pain!  Hurray!

I did get in a workout.  Not a long one, only 25 minutes.  Went along Boulder Creek which is super crowded due to the beautiful spring weather.  I alternated running with walking, trying to run as much as I could.  Granted, the running was only about half the time, but I’m still a beginner.

I realize that if I want to do the BB I’m going to have to run more than a half hour at a time, but I’m super paranoid about doing too much too fast and injuring myself.  Not only would that cut in to my tiny amount of training time but also probably mentally push me further away from trying running again.

Next time I hit the creek path, I’ll have to remember to wear a hat.  The late day sun is intense when it’s in your eyes.

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