post-BB goal: Warrior Dash!

I realize that formally giving myself seven weeks to prep for the BB is a bit last-minute and rather unrealistic (though I did set the goal before I started the blog).

So since my ultimate goal is not just the BB but to see if I can learn to love running, I thought it best to choose a secondary goal: the Warrior Dash!  It’s a 3.27 mile race-slash-obstacle course at Copper Mountain!  And as part of your entry fee, you get a fuzzy Viking helmet?!  Heck, yeah!

Why would anyone NOT do this?

Actually, I almost decided today to not do it.  Why?  Because one of my besties is doing the Pikes Peak Half Marathon on the SAME DAY – that’s right, a race UP a fourteener.  Oh, she’s also writing a book and getting a second degree.  She is completely inspiring and I’m so, freaking proud of her.  I had planned on going to cheer her on, and then today found out it’s the same day as the Warrior Dash.  Ack!

And here’s how awesome she truly is.  She said, “No, I want you to achieve your goal, too!  You do your race, I’ll do mine, and we’ll celebrate afterwards with wine and hot tub.”  Isn’t that the kind of friend you’d like to have?

She’s hoping to do another race in October, and wild horses couldn’t keep me from cheering for her at that one.

So, I raise my glass to Lynn and to the Warrior Dash.  Huzzah!!!

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One Response to post-BB goal: Warrior Dash!

  1. Alissa says:

    I'll be doing the 9:30 wave if anyone wants to come watch me get dirty!

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