43 DTBB – TV helps

Forty-three days ’til Bolder Boulder. 

I kept putting off today’s training.  I don’t know why I didn’t want to do it.  Maybe because my legs were already sore from lots of standing in church this morning.  Then I ended up doing chores, like a thorough cleaning of the kitchen.  And even with caffeine from half a Moolatte in my stomach, I was tired and wanted a nap.

But I managed to get to the gym at 7PM.  Thankfully not too crowded, so I got an elliptical with a TV where I could watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  For me, at least, it’s so much easier to make the time go by when there’s a shiny screen to distract me.  After 40 minutes on the elliptical (I’m such a rebel, breaking the 30 minute rule!) I switched to the treadmill where I walked an extra mile so I could watch the end of EMHE.  After all, I couldn’t stop right at the reveal, could I?

So a good 60 minute workout!  Yay!  Considered spending some time bouldering in the rock gym (the reason I bought the gym pass in the first place) but instead came home and hopped in a hot bath to stave off sore muscles.

No entertaining vignettes today.  Rather, for the past twelve hours my mind has been occupied by thoughts of the fruit tart I’m going to make tomorrow for Bible study on Tuesday.  So good I cleaned my kitchen so I have room to make it.  So good I’m thinking about it 48 hours in advance.

It’s good that my exercise goal isn’t weight loss.

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