42 DTBB – scaling mountains

Decided to hike today for training, which for me isn’t as much of a leg workout as a heart workout.  Well, heart going up, legs coming down.  My poor knees…

Not a lot of time to hike so I decided to just do the flatirons, starting from Chautauqua.  I was a little discouraged with myself as I kept stopping a lot on the way up – I partly blame God for the amazing vistas.  Imagine my surprise when I reached the summit in 55 minutes!  That’s definitely a new personal record; I think the best I’ve done previously is 75.  Going down took a full 45, but my excuse was that I stopped quite a while to enviously watch a few guys shimmy up the first flatiron.  Must find someone to take me climbing.

While hiking I decided to listen to the Wicked soundtrack on my iPod.  And I admit I sang along at parts, when I wasn’t huffing and puffing or near groups of other hikers.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing like singing “Defying Gravity” while standing on the edge of a precipice overlooking Boulder with your arms spread wide.  Really, it’s like a spiritual experience.

Only six weeks to go!

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