41 DTBB – seeing some results

Was not so enthused about walking to work this morning, which is uphill the whole way, with sore legs.  Yeah, I’m pretty sore.  My ambitious workout schedule is having its effects.  Taking a day of rest today. 

But anyway!  Walking to work… 

I was pleasantly surprised when I had nearly reached my building and was feeling awesome.  Even with the gloomy, cold, humid weather this morning, I was enjoying the walk.  And not feeling the least bit out of breath.  The huffing and puffing only came when walking up the Boulder Creek hill and then climbing the stairs to my office.  The former challenges everybody, and the latter challenges most – you’d be surprised how many co-workers come into my office winded from climbing the stairs though they do it every day.  A hazard of living at altitude. 

So huzzah that if nothing else I seem to already be in better shape from all this exercise. 

NOAA did not predict this weather.  I’m interested to see if God’s going to rain on 420. 

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