40 DTBB – with a bit o’ climbing

Thirty minutes on the elliptical after work.  Then went into the climbing gym – just for a little while.  Finished it off with some reps on the “lat pulldown” CYBEX machine – a.k.a. the pull-up simulator.

My calf muscles continue to be sore, but not debilitatingly so.  
I’m thrilled that after I-can’t-even-remember-how-long not going climbing, I haven’t lost some of the muscle and memory – unlike my aerobic endurance, which takes a nose-dive after a week of not exercising.  
I generally don’t spend a lot of time in the rock gym because (1) I don’t know any of the other climbers and (2) the guys who climb in there are intimidating.  They’re just so good, and guys can build muscle tone easier than girls.  So their biceps make me feel awful puny by comparison.  Makes me wish for the days when I played cymbals in the marching band.  I had some awesome guns that year.  
Leftover fruit tart for dinner tonight.  Yummy…
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