37 DTBB – climbing comp

No, I didn’t miss a day of blogging; I missed a day of workout.  Was too busy yesterday – gone from 7AM to 10PM.  The only training-related thing I did yesterday was schedule a massage for next week.  Wish it was sooner, but oh well.

Today I did work out a bit.  I’m going to count walking to lunch as part of my workout (because who says I can’t?  I doubt anyone reads this anyway).  Went to the Dushanbe Tea House for some rainforest iced tea and saag panir.  Sooo yummy.  Then went straight from there to the gym.

I was hoping to do some climbing before the elliptical, but didn’t work out that way.  I misread the signs and the rock gym was closed for the competition.  So I did 20 mins on the elliptical, then decided to register for the climbing competition.  (Didn’t do my usual 30 mins because I was worried about completely burning myself out before the comp.)  I can’t even describe how nervous I was because there were so many really good people signed up competing.  However, I did complete 6 routes (of 24, and tried another 2) so I’m fairly satisfied.  And glad I was able to overcome some nerves and shyness to butt in and get a chance at the wall – LOTS of people climbing in that teeny space.

My hands are raw, but I think it’s been a good day.  The rock gym closes on May 8 for the summer, so I’d better climb as much as I can before then.

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One Response to 37 DTBB – climbing comp

  1. Lynn says:

    I read! Congrats on the climbing contest. And sure you can count walking as part of your exercise routine. I do! 🙂

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