33 DTBB – frustration!!

This was it, time to test my morning legs again!  Got up early, got dressed, ate, stretched, and out the door I went.  Took some extra precautions this time as in walking some more first to get warmed up, and just intending to run laps within my housing complex in case I needed to head home early.  Aaaand…

Fail!  Once again, my legs did not want to work!  I don’t get it.  Walking was fine, but the moment I hit a jog I looked like I was doing one of those funny, crooked walks like the professional speedwalkers do.  Was back to my place within ten minutes.

So, blargh!  I’m going to have to figure out a way to do morning runs.  How long does the rest of my body need to be awake for my legs to start being able to move properly?  Maybe this weekend I’ll try running around 9AM or something.  Or I’ll have to start getting up at 5AM.  Ugh, I hope it’s not the latter.

On the plus side, the crabapple trees are in bloom and they looked beautiful and smelled lovely.  Now heading into work so my early wake-up goes to some good use.

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