What a difference 11 hours can make!  I left home a bit before 8:00 and it was snowing hard.  Came home just after 7:00 and the birds are singing, flowers blooming, grass is green.  Crazy Colorado.

Oh, right, this blog’s about running, not the weather…

Here’s the weird thing: I was actually looking forward to my workout the whole day.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting addicted or because I’m just really focused on my goal and wanting to take the necessary steps to get there.  I’ve heard people get addicted to the endorphin high?  Well, I don’t think I do.  Maybe endorphins don’t affect me, the way that long island iced teas don’t get me drunk (well, I guess if I drank enough of them I’d eventually get drunk).

Truly, I’m feeling the time crunch.  Just about four weeks to go!  I’m still not running yet, but I’ve think I’ve definitely built up more aerobic endurance.  Hopefully it won’t snow this weekend and I can try to hit the creek path.  I think the rec center’s going to be closed the week of May 10, so I’ll have no choice but to go running at that point.  Hope I’m ready.

Today I did thirty-something minutes on the elliptical while watching an inner-tube water polo match and listening to a Flatirons podcast – how’s that for multi-tasking?  Then went to the rock gym to climb a bit with my new chalk bag!  Weee!  The gym’ll be closed before I know it.  Then I’ll have to no choice but to tackle the flatirons – the real ones, not the church.

Massage tomorrow!  Yay!!!

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