30 DTBB – time to run

Enough of this elliptical business – time to run!  I had to go from couch potato to exerciser, and I think I’ve done that in the last three weeks.  Well, at least all I have time to do if I want to run the BB in less than a month!  I’ve definitely built up more aerobic endurance.  But the BB is a race.  Gotta run.  And the formula for become a runner is:
   Day 1: Go run.
   Day 2: Run further.

So I hopped on the treadmill and tried to run as much as I could, with walking in between.  Then went to the indoor track and walked a bunch of laps.  Overall, spent an hour walking / running.  Apparently I still suck at running, and I know I still hate it.  But I’m doing it.  And tomorrow I’m going to try to go further.

Initially this morning, I thought this would be a great day to walk the BB route.  But after sitting at the busstop for half an hour without seeing buses running either direction, I gave up and went to the gym.  I’ve never seen the northern-most part of the route, so I’d still like to go walk it some time.  But I’ll have to do that when the bus is actually running, eh?

Oh yeah, and I missed a day of training yesterday due to busyness.  But I got my massage – which was awesome.  

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