28 DTBB & feeling awesome!

Twenty-eight days?  Four weeks?!  Ahhhhh!!!!  Gotta get running!

I was quite nervous about running today for several reasons.  First, I was sick yesterday – nearly throwing up, and I’ve been a bit dizzy the last week.  Second, I wasn’t feeling so hot this afternoon either – like my stomach was too empty and indigestion was going to rear its head any second.  Third, I finally got new shoes and they still need to be broken in.  (You can’t see from the angle, but there’s holes in the toes of dem old shoes.  Keepin’ ’em for the Warrior Dash, though.)

Fourth and most important, it’s running.  Did I mention I hate running?  That I think runners are masochists? Yep, I’m doing it anyway, though.  It’s all part of the experiment.  Wanna see what makes them tick.  And that stuff builds character, right?

Oh, my fears we’re hardly allayed by the fact that right as I started I realized, “Ahh!  Forgot to take some ibuprofen for my knee!  Grrr.”

But I did pretty well!  I’m actually quite pleased for day two of “running only”.  I ran on the treadmill for 2.25 miles, running 1.25 of that and walking 1 – running a quarter mile, walking an eighth, repeat.  That may not sound impressive, but if you were in my (new) shoes you’d be thrilled!  Especially with no ibuprofen for my weird knee.

They’re re-icing the rink at the rec.  I stopped briefly to watch them tearing up the ice and tossing it out the door, and teased a guy I know who works there for throwing it away instead of recycling.  Oh, and I saw a pile of donut boxes probably brought in for all the ice shovelers, with one lonely donut left in the corner.  I briefly considered snatching it.  I love donuts…

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