27 DTBB – why I’m scared of running

Couldn’t run today.  Lunch did NOT sit well with me and I had to rush home from work with severe nausea and twisting insides.  Thankfully no one else got sick (it was company-provides-lunch day), but I’m worried that maybe it’s nerves.  Because I’m scared of running.

Some of you may wonder why even though I live next to the creek path I insist on exercising at the rec.  Well, that’s because two years ago on a morning in July I had a… err, traumatic experience.  I had to go to the ATM, so I thought I’d try to get a little exercise by lightly jogging there.  Even though it’s less than ten blocks, by the time I was halfway there I was feeling awful.  When I made it to Pearl Street Mall, I went right past the ATM to the public restrooms I remembered were there.  Thank you, God!  And spent the next half hour with my last meal, well, coming out both ends.  It was highly unpleasant.

I felt completely drained and knew I couldn’t walk home, so I stumbled to the bus depot to ask the person on duty if he’d be willing to call a police officer to give me a ride home.  (I actually tried waving down a cop car I passed, but he didn’t see me.)  The guy took one panicked look at me and dialed 911.  Paramedics examined me and I refused to go to the hospital.  I just wanted a ride home.  Grudgingly, they gave me one.

So that’s why I run at the rec.  If anything happens, I need to know that I can stop immediately and not be trapped somewhere.  But the rec closes next week for yearly maintenance, and I can’t lose a week of training.  So I guess I’ll be on the creek path again.  Could use some prayers as I’m already nervous.

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