25 DTBB and making progress!

When I left work today, I was extremely annoyed that I had to go run.  So as far as the experiment portion of this.. uh.. experiment goes, negative thus far on the “fun” and “addictive” part of running.  Well, for me.

However, having an excuse to blog has been great at getting me to keep going.  Blogging is my carrot.  :o)

Walked to the rec with a pie pan over my head.  Because it was raining and I was nice enough to loan my umbrella to my boss.  A little boy saw me and thought I was hilarious.  At least I had a pie pan, because I brought dessert leftovers to work.  
But I’m improving!  Did 2.5 miles on the treadmill, and ran 1.5 of that.  Different treadmill this time, so alternated running 0.3 mi with walking 0.15 mi, 0.2 mi walk warm-up and cool-down.  Let me tell ya, though, that last 0.3 mi was tough.  I really didn’t want to do it.  But I did anyway, so I’m very proud of my body.  
Updating the blog on a SCARPIE while waiting for the rock gym to open.  Think I’ll play some Angry Birds
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