the case of the vanishing sheep

The text below is an actual chat conversation I had with a friend earlier this week – only slightly edited.  Names have been removed to protect the… sheepish.

FRIEND: do you want me to tell you a really really funny story real quick?

ME: Of course!  I always like funny stories.

FRIEND: k, so you know i like the sheep at the farm on [street] here in [city]? i think i’ve mentioned them – they had lambs last summer? well, i love them and i specifically take [street] so that i can see them – they make me happy

ME: Yep.

FRIEND: anyway, so i was driving to school the other day and they were gone! this wasn’t completely alarming – sometimes i think they are kept inside or in other pens or something. BUT, there were other animals in their pen instead!! and these other animals aren’t cute at all!!!!

ME:  Hopefully not wolves… 

FRIEND: no, they aren’t wolves. they’re igger than wolves, tho they are really super skinny. so skinny you can see their ribs! not cute at all!!! still couldn’t figure out what they were tho. i talked to [husband] about it, he was mildly interested but never remembered to look. so, anyway, it kinda pissed me off, you know (as things easily do!).  i miss my sheep!

ME: ha ha.

FRIEND: well, on friday i was driving home, and i was in a VERY foul mood (for reasons i don’t want to get into) and feeling sorry for myself…and i drove by the farm and was thinking boo hoo hoo, i don’t even get to see my sheep anymore!!! so i started to take a closer look and i noticed one of the mystery animals has a black face and black little paws

ME: Their hair had been cut!

FRIEND: LOL. i laughed at myself the whole way home. i am officially an animal MORON

ME: You moron! :o)

FRIEND: my sis says she’ll send me [toddler nephew’s] animal book

I can’t completely blame her.  Recently shorn sheep, definitely not as cute.

Cute sheep picture from a stock desktops web site, shorn sheep picture from flickr.  
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One Response to the case of the vanishing sheep

  1. Amy Hadley says:


    (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my first ever intentional pun in my life.)

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