23 days to go

Oy, I can’t believe I almost forgot to post!  Yes, I did run today.  But it was hard to tear myself away from Angel.  In fact, I’m going back to watching some more right now.

Did the same length and rhythm as Thursday – run 0.3 mi, walk 0.15 mi, 2.5 mi total.  Then hopped on the stationary bike for another ten minutes.  Then loads of stretching.  Stretching is definitely the best part of working out.  Having residual flexibility from years of dance classes helps, I suppose.

The last 0.3 was again very not fun.  Though I realized I’d been really pushing myself with a 6.3 pace for the running portions.  Dropped to 5.5 and that definitely helped.

My goal tomorrow will be the same rhythm, but longer.  I’ll probably have to drop my speed to do so, but that’s okay.  My BB goal isn’t to set some kind of speed record, but to ‘run’ half the distance.  Huh, which makes me wonder now how I’ll possibly know if I’ve actually done that.  I guess I won’t.  Will have to go for a total time.  Eh, not going to worry about calculating that right now.

Tomorrow’s the last day the rec’s open before closing for a week.  Hope the weather’ll be nice come Monday so I’m not running the rain and mussing up my pretty new shoes.  I do realize shoes get dirty, but I like the honeymoon stage when they’re still bright and shiny.
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