22 DTBB – head games

I’ve heard people say that challenges and things like running are all head games.  I guess they kinda mean not being confident in your abilities, being overconfident in others abilities, and thus psyching yourself out.

My head was not ready today.  I don’t know if it was the margarita at the late mother’s day lunch or hitting my head as I got into the car so hard it my eyes watered, but when I got back to Boulder I went straight to bed and took a nap.

Well, not quite straight to bed as I had to fix my iPod.  The guy at the Apple store said there was a corrupt file so I needed to “restore”, a.k.a. erase, the machine and reload everything.  I set it to do that, but when I woke up it still wasn’t ready.  But it was 7:40.  Rec closes at 9:00 for a week.

So I went sans iPod, just with a set of headphones to plug into the TVs.  But all the treadmills with TVs were in use.  I was going to have to run without distraction today.  *groan*  Talk about a head game.  So I grudgingly crawled onto the treadmill and started praying for everyone I could think of.  Family, friends, co-workers, people at church, Sunday school kids, folks on my FB friends list that I never talk to, and people on the machines around me.  It was mainly just listing names (or faces), pausing briefly on each to ask God to be with them.

(I don’t mean to sound like a super prayer warrior.  I’m really not.  I just didn’t have anything else to do, but I wanted to keep my brain focused somewhere other than running and my heart alighted on that.  I should probably do it more often.  Good to spend time with God.)  

My goal I posted yesterday was to go further, to push myself.  I did a slightly different pattern of running – run 0.3 mi but walk 0.2 mi (instead of 0.15 mi) – and I decreased my running speed from 6.3 to 6 flat.  And I did 3.5 mi, 2.1 of it running.  Yeah, I ran two miles tonight.  I don’t even care that it took me over 40 minutes to do it.

It was really rough.  And as soon as the odometer on the machine clicked to 3.5 I slammed the stop button.  Didn’t even bother with a cooldown walk since I was going to stretch and walk home anyway; I wanted off that machine.  Sweat was literally dripping off my face.  Nasty.  Hope I haven’t wrecked my body.

But I ran over two miles!  Boo-ya!
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