three more weeks to go – hello, sunshine!

Ever wish you could spray Febreeze on yourself?  No?  Okay, I guess it’s just me.  I don’t look pretty after exercising.  I sweat a lot, and my face turns lobster red.  I know I get the latter from my dad’s side of the family – you should see how we all turn into tomatoes when we’re laughing hard.

I could have sworn when I checked NOAA this morning that it said the precipitation might start tonight.  Guess I was wrong because it’s gorgeously sunny outside.  (With lots of people on the creek path taking advantage.)  Now their predictions say the rain’ll start tomorrow evening and turn to snow – in other words, not great outdoor running weather.

So I hit the creek path tonight.  I checked a few weeks ago and discovered it’s just about one mile from my place to a specific bridge.  So that’s where I went.  I figured I’d run-walk-run there, stop and stretch, and run-walk-run home.  I did just about that, except with an extra brief walk-run on the way back because I started getting a stitch in my side.

Checked mapmyrun when I got home, and I think I did a total of 2.07 mi, running 1.37 mi.  It’s a far cry from what I did yesterday, but I was quite stiff and sore today.  And I know you’re not supposed to overdo it with your strenuous stuff regularly.  It’s amazing how much I know about running for not being a runner, eh?  I blame it on Boulder.  And having a Ironman competitor for a boss for a few years.

My coworker at the rec knows I’ve been using it a lot – ’cause she’s seen me there, and I keep asking her questions – and reminded me of another location that is open this week.  Bless her!  If it wasn’t for that coming snowstorm, I’d try outside running this whole week, honestly.  But I don’t think I’m ready to combine my fear of walking on ice with my fear of running.
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