A new blog home!

Welcome to my new home!  I’m still ‘unpacking’ and setting the place up, but it’s always nice to have visitors.

Strawberry Shoppe was originally created to be a place that I could write about things I was making and post the pictures, ’cause I was going to start an Etsy shop.  Except there’s more to my life than crafts.  I know, for some of you this is completely shocking news because it seems like I’m always making something new.

The thing is that I get bored easily and like to try new stuff, hence why I rarely make the same craft twice – unless I’m making presents or one of my friends says, “Hey, that’s awesome!  Can you make one for me?”  
This “try new stuff” aspect of me extends beyond crafts, to things like going to a Greek church or learning to run.  
So I thought it more appropriate to change my blog name to Adventures with Alissa – which in addition to just sounding approximately a thousand percent awesomer makes a whole lot more sense.  Some people are totally satisfied with the status quo and don’t like change.  But I crave adventure, rarely back down from a challenge, and will try almost anything once.  And even though rearranging your books may not sound that adventurous, it’s all about your perspective, isn’t it?  
Life’s a gift, and I don’t intend to waste it.  So I encourage you to go out and try something new today, too! 
Oh, and it took me a good while to set up the formatting and widgets and stuff on the old blog, so be patient with me as the new one transforms to be (hopefully) awesome.  

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