19 DTBB? Really? It’s THAT close? Yikes!

Boulder got four inches of snow last night, which according to the newspaper means we’ve gotten over 130 inches of snow this season.  Yeesh!  What ever happened to “Colorado is a desert”?  One of my friends says that one of his biggest pet peeves is that in Colorado whenever it precipitates people always say, “We need the moisture.”  I have not heard anyone say those four words in probably a year.

And I should probably be a bit worried since my home is smack dab in the center of the most dangerous floodplain in the state.  But it doesn’t keep me up at night.

Oh yeah, this blog’s about running.  The reason I started talking about the weather was because I really have no desire to run in the snow.  Sorry, I’m not that hard core.  I’m not even that soft core.  So I’m quite thankful that Cheryl reminded me about the other rec center.

It’s a fabulous facility.  New and, though small, very stylish.  It was also crowded!  Probably because, like me, everyone wanted to work out but was grumpy about the snow.  And it only had TWO treadmills!  And they were both occupied, with one girl waiting in front of me for one to free up.  I could have sat down on the floor and played Angry Birds for 15 minutes, but that this place was so crowded and so small that the temperature was rising, it was muggy, and was smelling.. well, like a gym.

So I hopped on one of the two dozen ellipticals when one of those freed up.  Working out in the hot mugginess was not fun.  The one up side was that they had about a zillion cable channels at this place, and as I’ve recently become more addicted to designing blogs I thought I’d go for one of the more obscure (to me) home channels: DIY network.  Got to watch a patio remodel during my 32 minutes on the machine, which was quite fun.

But I think tomorrow I’ll have to run outdoors in the nasty muck.  Sorry, little gym, I’m sure you’re a lovely place at other times.  I know I caught you on a bad day, but I have a feeling tomorrow won’t be much better.
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