18 DTBB – weirdness!!!

Running in the rain.  Yippee.  Catching my lack of enthusiasm?  I procrastinated until about 6:30 tonight to do my run.

The first hundred yards was awful.  That whole legs-not-working thing.  And call me OCD, but I didn’t want to get all muddy.  (My shoes are still pretty right now!)  So instead of running on the dirt edge of the path I ran on the concrete.  Which I know is bad for your knees.  Took it easy and did more of a “jog” than “run” I suppose.

But something weird happened.  When I did this same route on Monday, I did approximately the same pattern of running and walking I had been doing on the treadmill.  But today I reached the place where I had started walking on Monday, and I wasn’t ready to walk.  I wasn’t breathing hard or hurting.  So I kept going.  I ran all the way to my turnaround point.  And I was still feeling good.  Probably helps that it was slightly downhill, but still, yay!

And, oh goodness, dare I say it?  In spite of the rain and the fact that I was, ya know, running, I actually.. maybe.. kinda had a little bit of.. fun?  I’m not saying that I loved it, but.. um.. I didn’t really hate it.  Now that’s weird.  And lest you think I’ve overnight turned traitor and become a running enthusiast, let me assure that going back (and uphill) was not fun.  I did have to put a walk in the middle of that.  Probably a total of 1.7 mi running and 0.3 mi walking.

But still, weird…
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