"I’m a geek because my favorite color is 990000. You’re a geek if you know what color that is."

Life’s too short to live with neutrals!!!  So, a few years ago I declared that my favorite color was red.

Most friends said, “Uh, okay.  Good for you.  Now back to what we were talking about…” but a few disowned me on the spot as red’s the color of my alma mater’s arch rival.

They didn’t give me a chance to say my favorite color is NOT the color on those athletic uniforms, what would be known in geek terms as FF0000.  Yuck!  Rather, my favorite color is the warmer, more comforting 990000.

The key to having red as a favorite color is to not overdo it!  Red’s dramatic enough; let the pieces themselves be statements.  And if you ever visit my home, you’ll see a few ways that I’ve injected “990000” into my daily life…

My sofa…  

It really started this whole mess.  Almost as soon as I declared my fav color to be red, my next sentence was, “I want a red couch.”  This was my first deliberately red purchase, and I found it at American Furniture for cheap.  There’s a few scratches on the back from squeezing it through my narrow, 1950s front door but it’s still perfect for stretching out with my computer.  Or for a nap.

One of the things I love most about the couch is that the seat cushions are all interchangeable.  Yes, I rotate my seat cushions so they wear evenly.  I’m a big dork. 

My vacuum… 

Yes, my vacuum is red.  Go ahead.  Laugh.  I know you want to.  Seriously, though, I read through lots of reviews of vacuums before selecting this one.  The fact it was red was just gravy.  And know what?  It works well!  Lightweight, great suction, easily maneuverable.  After two years of use, though, I finally flipped it over last month to deal with the hairball that had accumulated around the brush.  Sorry, vacuum.  I’m a long-haired girl who sheds.

My bathroom…

I think the red shower curtain came right after the sofa.  This curtain isn’t the original red shower curtain though, which finally got tossed this spring after five years of use.  So if you really like this, you can go get it from Target for yourself!

My netbook…  

It’s pulling double duty – fav color and fav food.  But, no, you won’t find this cover available through Dell.  Instead, you can customize your very own (along with just about any electronic) through this web site.  While I was at it, I made a strawberry skin for my phone.  :o)

And, the piece de resistance

My jacket!
Believe it or not, with all my love for red I actually don’t wear red.  Until now.  Thanks to my folks for the Target card they gave me for my birthday, I snagged this just a month ago.  Isn’t it amazing!?!?  I LOVE IT!  I seriously wear it almost every day – except today because my shirt’s raspberry-colored and that would just look odd.  
The moral of this post, people: do not be afraid of color!  (Or color will be afraid of you?)  Try it!  Be adventurous!  

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4 Responses to "I’m a geek because my favorite color is 990000. You’re a geek if you know what color that is."

  1. Amy Hadley says:

    That's it! I'm taking the fabric I bought 6 months ago for curtains, and I'm making curtains! Today! It'll add one more little pop of 990000 in my kitchen, which I agree, is always a good thing.;)

  2. Alissa says:

    Everyone could use some more 990000 in their decor. Well, unless your home is already decorated in FF0080… (http://www.colorcombos.com/FF0080-hex-color)

    Pictures, please! :o)

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