17 DTBB – the weirdness gets.. weirder….

No running today.  This afternoon I was feeling the need to stretch my legs so walked some mail across campus, letting my mind wander.  Halfway there, I realized I had just taken two steps to the left instead of straight.  Corrected, shook my head a little, and kept walking.  It happened again on the way back.

But my equilibrium was definitely all caddywhompus – and I have no idea why.  (I swear I wasn’t sneaking some libations under my desk!)  Went home and laid down for a few hours.  Even missed going to see Doctor Who (grrr!) because I was concerned about driving.

Yet that’s not the weirdness.  After yesterday, I was thinking a lot today about going to run.  Even planning how I’d ever fit the time into my Doctor Who schedule.  Really.  I shudder to think, but could it be that I’m getting… addicted?
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