Today my workout started at 6:30AM.  That’s about the time I arrived in Denver to watch my bestie run the Colfax half marathon.  Because I wanted to cheer her on at multiple points (and I was afraid of my car getting stuck in the middle of closed-off streets) there was a lot of running back and forth between my car and the course, as well as a little bit of running alongside her to cheer her on.  I’m so proud of her and all those runners were very inspiring.

I won’t even guess how much running (and walking) there was during those two hours this morning, but it did make me wish I had been smart enough to wear trainers instead of sandals.

The rest of my workout was this evening when I ran upstream on the creek path which meant I got to run downhill home.  :o)  Total distance was about two miles, and I’m pleased as punch to report that I ran nearly all of it – even with a sharp pain in my ankle.  Saw dogs chasing sticks in the creek, a little boy fishing, a lady with a parrot on her shoulder, and smelled lilacs and people smoking pot.  Ah, Boulder.

Will be interesting to try going back to the treadmills this week.

Oh, and according to mapmyrun, that hill torturous hill I have to climb to work every day has a 20% grade.  No wonder everyone’s panting at the top.
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