best party game ever

Even since middle school, my favorite game has been Spoons.  Yeah, I’m easy to please.  But then about a year ago a friend introduced me to Telephone Pictionary, and it never ceases to be a good ab workout – because you’re laughing so hard.  I’ve played it with as few as five people and as many as fourteen

Everyone needs to start out with X number little pieces of paper, where X is the number of people who are playing.  Sit in a circle.

Write a phrase on your first piece of paper.  It can be a catch phrase, something random, whatever you want.  Dody chose a saying of her grandmother’s:

Everybody pass your whole stack of paper to the person next to you.  Read the phrase, take that top paper and put it on the back, and draw the phrase on your next sheet of paper.

Note that the worse your drawing skills, the more fun this game is – and Jeremy definitely made things interesting for us.  Oh, and try to limit drawing time to 30 seconds.  Once again, pass the whole stack of paper to the next person in the circle.  Put the picture on the bottom, and write what you think it’s supposed to be a picture of.

Pass the stack again, and repeat – picture, phrase, picture, phrase, until the stacks all get back to their original owner.  Then present the hilarious consequences to everyone else.  Let’s see how this one turned out…

I realized at about 27 seconds in that I shouldn’t have drawn a nose on the last face, and it turned out I was right…  What was Nick to think except:

Amazing life lessons to be learned in this game, like inappropriate conditions for booger-removal.
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2 Responses to best party game ever

  1. Amy Hadley says:

    Tomorrow is siblings cinema night. We're watching the first season of Arrested Development (aka Best Comedy Show Ever Made), complete with homemade caramel popcorn. Maybe I can convince everyone to play this. Sounds hilarious!

  2. Alissa says:

    You must try it. Everyone I've introduced it to thinks it is insanely awesome and wants to play it with their friends. And all you need is paper and some writing utensils!

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