Went to talk with a PT today about the pain in my ankle.  Normally I wouldn’t be paranoid, but did you notice there’s less than two weeks left until the Bolder Boulder?

Anyway, she said I have post-tibialis tendinitis.  She said to stretch my calves, rotate my ankle (write a cursive alphabet with my foot), wear supportive shoes with my orthotics, and ice.  Oh, and she said no more running until I can walk pain free.  Check back in at the beginning of next week, and maybe I can consider doing the Bolder Boulder.  Consider.  Totally bummed.

I plan to be a super compliant patient, though.  Ice pack under my desk at work – check!  Writing cursive with my dangling foot while bored in meetings – check!  Wishing and hoping and praying that I can still do the BB, even walk it.  If I can’t run, well, I guess that’s what the Warrior Dash is for, right?

P.S.  Wanna hear something scary?  Yesterday, as my bestie was lamenting her post-half-marathon soreness (which is totally appropriate, btw), she said she’s already planning for another one in October.  And she asked me if I wanted to do it with her.  I didn’t laugh.  And though I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no……

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