6 DTBB – injury update

So here’s the latest.  My ankle’s been getting progressively worse this past week.  Not dramatically, but definitely noticeably.  I’ve been doing all I can to try to get it better – icing multiple times each day, stretching, I even rented a wheelchair when we went to the zoo on Sunday so I wouldn’t over-exert.  (Kudos to Jani for pushing me around most of the day!  What a gentleman.) 

Had a follow up appointment yesterday, and Jerri said I needed to probably get some PT but could also try acupuncture.  Since a PT referral was going to take a while, I decided to pursue acupuncture while waiting. 

And, whoa.  Amazing results.  Seriously, my pain level today is probably half of what it was yesterday.  And seeing as how Kaiser won’t be able to get me in to see a PT until June 10, I’m going to stick with that acupuncture for a while. 

Yesterday morning I was thinking I wouldn’t even be able to walk the BB, and would turn in my bib for a voucher for next year.  Now I’m totally re-thinking that.  We’ll see how the acupuncture on Friday goes.  If it goes this well again, I may indeed still be able to walk the BB!!!
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