final workout

Did my final pre-BB workout today.  Won’t be working out tomorrow so I’ll be fresh on Monday morning.  

Went to the gym.  Did nearly two miles on the treadmill, but only ran half.  Thankfully, my conditioning doesn’t seem to have diminished that much.  But my legs were definitely confused and started hurting a bit – so I stopped.  

Went to the Boulder Creek Festival this afternoon.  Watched hip hop dancers, listened to a marimba band, ate cotton candy, it was awesome.  But that definitely made my ankle more sore – as I suppose should be expected after 2+ hours of being on your feet, walking around.  Did some ice massage at home.  Also pulled my Dorothy pinafore out of the closet.  Had difficulty finding my little Toto, but looked in a cupboard on a whim and there he was.  Excited to be one of those weird people that does the BB in costume.  

Now listening to the thunderstorm while chilling with some Netflix.  Overall, it’s been a good day.  
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