79 days ’til Warrior Dash!

Finally sat down to blog a record of my first BB experience

Back to running last night.  Not a very long one (0.76 mi each way), but I did run almost all of it.  Granted I stopped at the midpoint to look at a few of the art pieces in the library… 

It feels good to be back running again.  Thought my enthusiasm for it might dampen now that the BB is over, and it has to some degree.  But I still feel motivated to do better.  Be able to run further.  And get an earlier BB wave next year.  Plus, even if it is 79 DTWD and WD is only a 3 mile course, that race is at 10,000 feet.  I’m going to have to be much better shape.  Already planning to go run around Lake Estes this summer – like I need any more excuses to go visit my favorite town… 

I still don’t know if I like running.  When I was down for two weeks I missed it, but kind of in the way that I missed the sense of accomplishment that I felt after each workout. 
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