30 before 30 – but not that kind

Somehow today over lunch I found myself thinking about a 30 before 30 list – you know, those lists of things people want to do before they turn 30.  Well I’ve already over the years assembled a sort of BHAG list (that’s big, hairy, audacious goals if you didn’t know).  A 30 before 30 list is usually things that are a bit more achievable.  Before I finished my lunch hour I actually came up with more than 20 things – and I’ve still got ten months to go before the big 3-0.

But I thought about it some more while walking home.  Only ten months to go.  And it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to do everything on my list – unless I win the lotto so I have time and money to do it all.  (And I’ve already won the lotto.  Granted, it was a scratch ticket and I only won $20, but I think my lotto luck is used up.)  So I started mentally compiling a different list: 30 things I’VE DONE before 30.  And, if I say so myself, some are pretty impressive.  Others, well, they’re just silly.

1.  Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane while it’s in flight.  Something I’ve seen on almost every 30 before 30 list.
2.  Graduated college.  And given a speech at graduation.
3.  Gotten a “real” job.  One with benefits and stuff.  And I’ve kept it for more than six years.
4.  Summitted, uh, I think six fourteeners.  (I lose track sometimes.)

5.  Been interviewed and quoted in a newspaper.
6.  Paid for a whole car by myself.  Yep, Marsha’s last payment is due the month I turn 30!

7.  Found the perfect hat for me.  

8.  Been to 35 states – 38 if you count airports.
9.  Seen Denali.  Barely and from a distance, but I’m counting it.
10.  Gone halibut fishing in Alaska.  Caught a few, too.  Dem suckers are tasty, but funny looking!

11.  Flown on charter planes.  Traveled to two NCAA sweet 16 tourneys and two bowl games to support my Buffs with some music!  Delta charters are awesome.
12.  Crocheted a blanket.  Was a wedding present and took forever, but so glad I did it.
13.  Started my own business.  Through Etsy, but it still counts, right?
14.  Designed and sold handbags.

15.  Fixed a VCR with dental floss.  (If this list were ranked in order of things I’m most proud of, this would probably be #1.)
16.  Learned to rock climb.
17.  The Bolder Boulder!  In costume!  With a bum ankle!

18.  Created a web site from scratch with, like, code and stuff.  None of that cheating software.
19.  Bought an article of clothing costing more than $100.  Yep, only one thing.  Ever.  So for me that’s impressive.  Caught a bouquet at a wedding while wearing that dress.

20.  Made a dress from scratch.  Well, I used a pattern, but still.  Had rouching and stuff – which is hard!  Caught another bouquet in that dress.

21.  Driven across several states by myself.  In July.  With no AC.
22.  Made a pie from scratch.  Strawberry rhubarb.  Yum.
23.  Taught 500+ kids in Sunday school.  (Estimated, over eight years.)

24.  Sponsored a child through Compassion.

25.  Gone on a mission trip.  A few, actually.  

26.  Made a snow angel at 14,000 feet.

27.  Gone to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on a mule.
28.  Cut my hair SUPER short just to see what it would look like.

29.  Kicked a habit: nail-biting.  Somehow I just willpower-ed my way through it in high school!  Wish I still had that willpower for some other vices.
30.  Been blessed with amazing friends and family.

I’ll probably still post a 30 things TO DO before 30 list, but for now just reminiscing on all the cool things I’ve gotten to do in 29 years.
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2 Responses to 30 before 30 – but not that kind

  1. Amy Hadley says:

    More details on 11, please! And is your Etsy store still up??

  2. Alissa says:

    #11 – A benefit of being in the marching band and basketball band! For MB, the band got their own plane. For BB, we got to fly with the team – which was awesome. I think we flew home from Boise on Delta, and they treated us like rock stars. Or, at least the best service I had ever had (until I flew Alaska Air).

    Technically my Etsy store still exists, but it's empty. Like one of those sad storefronts. It's a LOT of work to make, photograph, and post stuff on Etsy, and I wasn't having fun mass-producing stuff. I'm back to just making stuff for friends for fun – not money.

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