76 DTWD – more races, dancing, and altitude

So, I guess I actually have several days worth of stuff to catch you up on since my last post.  (Assuming anyone reads this…)

Thursday I found myself contemplating signing up for another race or two this summer to help keep me motivated.  The Warrior Dash seems so far away.  Also, since it’s not until the summer is over, I don’t really want to look forward to it that much.  There’s so much summer fun to do!  Lynn tossed links for a few races at me, and I signed up for the Lyons River Run in late June – only a 5K, but so close to home and only $15.  And I know it’ll be a gorgeous run.  Now debating between two races in mid-July: a 10K in Longmont or a 5K in Allenspark.  Hmm, length or altitude?

When I last went for a massage, my massage therapist commented (again) on my flexibility – like the fact that I can literally kick my own butt.  Apparently that’s not the standard, but how was I to know?  I only live life in my own body.  Then he mentioned, “Well, running should shorten those muscles up and you’ll lose some of that.”  NOT what I wanted to hear.  I like my flexibility!

So I went to a dance class Thursday night at Streetside, who I saw perform at the creek fest.  It was a drop-in style hip hop class, so the teacher taught us about 64 counts of a dance.  I haven’t been to dance class in, uh, nine years?  And I’d never done hip hop.  I was feeling awful and so far behind the curve, having a ridiculously hard time learning the steps.  But when I looked around I realized that others were having a hard time, too, so I felt better.  Boulder’s mostly white people, and we have no rhythm, right?  It was quite a workout, and I had a lot of fun.  Debating if I have the money to do it regularly.

Went for a short run Friday, like maybe 1.5 miles.  Nothing too notable.

Saturday I decided to drive to Estes Park and run around the lake to get some altitude training.  (The Warrior Dash is at 10,000 feet.  Boulder’s at 5400.  Estes is about 7600.)  The loop around Lake Estes is 3.75 miles – according to the signs.  I walked probably half of the distance.  I was sad I didn’t do better than that.  My final time was 48 minutes – which means better than 13 minute miles, which is better than I did at the BB.  So I guess I can’t complain too much.  I do wish that I had pushed myself to run the eastern-most part of the loop, the Mall Road, which is coming up from below the dam.  Will have to learn how to run up hills.  Also wish I had worn sunscreen…

After running around the lake, had to go to the Taffy Shop.  After all, how often am I in Estes with cash?  It was a sign.  I told the lady behind the counter, “If you ever start taking credit cards, I’ll be in big trouble.”  She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, honey.  That’ll never happen.”
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