68 DTWD – slowing down, and the Boston marathon

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.  Guess now that the BB is over, blogging doesn’t seem that interesting to me.  However, my goal of being a runner is still very real.

Didn’t exercise very much last week.  Bad on me.  Ran Monday morning before work, ran briefly on Tuesday to the place at our campsite that sells firewood (bonus: though it was short, it was at altitude, and I had to carry the heavy firewood back), danced again Thursday night which was just as much fun as the previous week so I bought a punch card, and ran Friday before work.  No running over the weekend because it was nasty rainy outside.  And I hate mud.  Yuck.

Oh, and while I was camping Lynn asked me again if I wanted to do the October half marathon with her.  Once again, I didn’t say no and I didn’t laugh…  We did consider signing up for a triathlon as a team with Kimberly, though.  Kim’d have to do the swimming because neither Lynn nor I want to.  I’d probably do bike – which would mean borrowing a decent one from someone.

I was afraid that my less demanding workout routine recently would mean the loss of some endurance.  I did not want to go running at all today and was facing it with that familiar dread.  My body just felt weak, like I was starting from scratch.  But it surprised me.  Ran 1.8 miles on the treadmill (with some walking), but wanted to do more.  Since my 30 minutes was up and there was a person waiting for the machine, I went home, grabbed a small pack, and ran 0.8 mile to the library to return a book and get some new ones.  And ran home.  So that’s just over three miles, for those of you following along at home.  So I’m pleased.  Now if I can just do it without that pesky walking in the middle…  (Lyons 5K is in two weeks and I’d love to run the whole thing.)

Watched Saint Ralph last night, a cute little movie about a boy who believes that if he can perform a miracle his mom will wake from her coma.  He decides this miracle would be to win the Boston marathon.  Definitely inspired me to run more.  And I actually looked up the Boston marathon today.  I had never really considered a full marathon before, but it’s Boston!  I LOVE Boston!  To run through it would be amazing.  Then I saw that you need to qualify for the marathon.  So… run two marathons?  Thanks, but I don’t love Boston that much.  I’m sure they have other foot races that I could do sometime.
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