Where would I go?

This is, of course, the biggest question.  Well, other than “What if I move to another country?”  Or at least one of the biggest questions.  There’s a lot of questions…

The short answer is: I don’t know.

The long answer is: I have some ideas…

United Kingdom

An obvious thing in the “pro” category is the language.  Being a typical American, I speak one language.  Well, with some rudimentary Spanish.  Lots of options for where I could live and what I could do.  Another bonus: they’re hosting the 2012 Olympics.  And one of my life-long dreams is to see the Olympics.  I realize that shouldn’t be my primary motivation, but it sure is a nice little cherry on the sundae!


Yeah, I know, “Now for something totally different…”  My family housed Chinese international students when I was young.  I’ve always found China to be fascinating – the culture, the art, the architecture.  The language barrier – spoken and written! – would be tough.


They’re like Brits, but the criminal kind.  Ha ha.  (No offense meant, just referring to its origins as a penal colony.)  Anyway, another place where English is spoken.  And would be kind of nifty to be on the bottom of the world and experience the seasons opposite-ally…  I think I just made up a word there…


I blame this completely on majoring in Architecture.  I fell in love with Italian architecture during my studies.  And I know it sounds cheesy, but Under the Tuscan Sun has a smidge of influence here.  Running away to a foreign country?  Uh, hello, that’s what this blog is about!  Don’t worry, I am completely aware of the unrealism that is Hollywood as well as the fact that I don’t have several hundred thousand dollars at my disposal to purchase and renovate a villa as my full-time job.  (Unless, you know, someone wanted to sponsor me on that…  Hint hint?)


Another place to blame on majoring in Architecture…


It’s neutral, right?  Just like me.  I don’t get into Democrat vs Republican or Mac vs PC debates.  Plus I’ve heard from many people that it’s gorgeous there.  Plus due to my German last name maybe I wouldn’t stand out too much.

Czech Republic

Okay, so this one I didn’t really think much about until recently when one of my friends from college moved there with her husband and told me she’s going to try to convince me to move there, too.  Would be nice to know someone, wherever I go!

Ultimately, I don’t know.  Still researching!

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