brown and red

I know when I showed y’all the headband I made that you were probably wondering (a) why I had brown fabric lying around to make rosettes and (b) what I was going to wear this headband with.

Okay, maybe not, but I’ll tell ya anyway.

I’d been considering making a convertible dress for a while, so I finally buckled down and did it.

A convertible dress – in case you don’t remember those old infomercials – is one that you can rearrange the straps in a zillion different ways.  It’s knit fabric, which is so comfy and has a beautiful drape!  Made it brown to wear to a friend’s wedding (that’s her fav color).

If you want to make one yourself, there’s a super easy tutorial out there.  Seriously, there’s only one seam in this entire dress.

A tip though: for cutting the waist hole, cut it SMALL.  Knit fabric stretches!  I measured my waist circumference, dropped a couple inches, then cut the hole.  I ended up debating for an hour how to nip and tuck and pleat the waist on the dress back to a smaller size.  So take your waist measurement and remove a full third of it from the circumference of your skirt hole.  You can always make it bigger, but it’s impossible to make it smaller.

And what’s the red I referred to in blog title?

There’s only four tomatoes on my plant thus far, but one was definitely ripe – and another’s not far behind.

It had an odd discoloration on the bottom though.  And when I cut it open, portions were strange looking for inside a tomato: dry.  So I just cut them off, sprinkled a little salt on, and popped it in my mouth.  Yummy!

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