ZOMG, my art supplies are organized!!!

It was April that I posted a picture of the back of my bedroom, which had been overtaken by my art supplies.  And I’m sorry to say that come August it still looked like this:

I had had “enough” a long time ago, but finally decided that the only way I was ever going to clean all this was if it interfered with my daily life.  So I moved everything to the living room.

In case you’re wondering, yes, that is a pillow, blanket, and bear on the couch.  This room has a cross breeze in the summer making it much cooler for sleeping than my bedroom. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t completely have the desired effect.  Instead, I kept seeing all my stuff and getting inspired to make things!  (You noticed all the recent posts on crafts, right?)

But finally, I can say that I’m done!  Check it out!

I threw away a LOT of stuff, and this is everything that made the cut.  If you want to see how much baggage comes with creativity, check out the photos below.  You’ve been warned!  My bedroom is like mini-Michael’s!

Paint!  I use the cheap stuff ’cause it works just fine.  Also, lots of brushes, paint trays, and some drop cloths.

Quilted fabric left over from when I was making handbags for everyone – including Jessica’s purse that still needs a strap!  I promise to finish it for you, Jess!

Paper stuff including stamps, decorative paper, colored paper, sheet music, tracing paper, big sketch pad, and tissue paper.

More sewing stuff.  On the right is scraps – roughly defined as smaller than a half yard.  The TOMS box has thread.  The Converse box has smallest scraps that can’t fold up and be stacked.  The reddish box has misc stuff including bias tape, zippers, elastic, ribbons, and velcro.  On the boxes are pin cushions and – though you can’t see them – tins containing buttons and needles.  On the left are large scraps of fabric including some that laura brought me from the Ivory Coast and some Jessica brought back from Thailand!

Let’s be honest: my sewing machine will probably spend minimal time stored here.  I pull it out far too often.  The box is full of fleece left over from when I made all those hats.  Anyone want a big box of fleece?

Too much yarn.  Need to start crocheting again or give this away.  On the left is a box full of crochet projects in various states of finishing as well as a container for hooks.  And you can see a big stack of crochet patterns there in the middle.

Batting and stuffing.  The coffee can is for crocheting.  You put the skein in the can and feed it out through a hole in the top so your skein doesn’t roll away!  The cubby on the right is all face-painting stuff.  If I could paint kids faces for a living, I would.

Um, I still have loads of hats if anyone wants one.  And a handbag.  The right is Christmas gift bags.

My grandpa made these shelves way back when and I painted them.  Next to them is sculpture stuff – paper mache and clay.  On top is cutting stuff – scissors, razor blade, x-acto knife and blades – and measuring stuff – 18″ rule, engineering scale, measuring tape.

Tools drawer.  Dremel, glue gun, wood-burner, staple gun, and other various toolboxy things.

Four boxes of pastels, a box of crayons, and a huge box of colored (and watercolor) pencils.

Top drawer: fabric paint in front, Sharpies and markers in back.  Middle drawer: gloves for when stuff gets messy.  Bottom drawer: stuff to hold stuff together including Mod Podge, masking tape, scotch tape, glue, and glue sticks.

What do you think?  Do I have enough to open my own Joann’s store?

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2 Responses to ZOMG, my art supplies are organized!!!

  1. Heather says:

    I LOOOOVE decorating & crafting with old sheet music! Do you have any projects to share?

  2. Alissa says:

    Indeed – I've seen some of the great things you've made on your blog, Heather! Even though I saved a pile of notes from a trash when I worked at the College of Music, I haven't done many projects with it. However, I did decoupage my dresser (http://bit.ly/91PclV) and make some paper flowers (http://bit.ly/bdlWd0)!

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