What’s the worst that could happen?

I think this is a valid question to ask when you’re looking at any major, life-changing decision.  Look at potential catastrophes.  Are they that catastrophic?  What can be done to mitigate?

I guess the worst in any case is death, but that actually doesn’t bug me.  We’ve all got to die some time, and to live is Christ but to die is gain!  Mitigation: Uh, exercise, eat veggies, and don’t run with scissors.

Search for a job but not find one and run out of money. This would definitely be a problem, unless I wanted to become a bum in the Bois de Boulogne – which I don’t.  Mitigation: Research employment opportunities while in THIS country so I’m not going in blind.  Save up money before going so I can still eat and (worst case scenario) buy a plane ticket home.  Build a support system wherever I land so I can have help and networking contacts.  I guess the biggest fear with this “catastrophe” is failing in my attempt.  But it’s not really much of a failure as it will still result in an adventure.

Homesickness. Not out of the realm of possibility.  But then again, the world is so small nowadays with the internet.  The only time I’ve ever been a prohibitive distance away from home was my first year at college in Missouri.  I missed home, sure, but not devastatingly so.  In fact, by the time I left I had kinda fallen in love with the little town of Nevada.  Mitigation: Commit to keep in touch.  Build a support system wherever I land.

Loneliness. What if a support system can’t be built?  Well, honestly I tend to find this rather unlikely for the following mitigation reason: Wherever I land, I intend to immediately seek out a church.  Actually, seek one out before I even get on a plane.  And any church that’s worth it’s salt (what does that phrase mean anyway?) should have the mission to seek lost and lonely people, and introduce them both to Jesus and to communities.  Other mitigation would be to go someplace where I already know somebody.

Medical emergency. Realistically, this can happen tomorrow also.  Mitigation: Make sure I have international health coverage before getting on a plane.  Research local medical facilities and make appropriate contacts.

Thus far, catastrophes don’t seem too catastrophic.  Or at least there are appropriate mitigation strategies.  Maybe some other disasters will pop into my mind later, but for now I think these are do-able.

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