Going it alone…

I’ve got a (small) list of things that I’d like to do but have been putting off:

“Oh, I might buy a home… when I get married.”

“Oh, I’ll start cooking more meals… when I get married.”‘

“Oh, I’ll travel… when I get married.”

Some of these still make sense to me.  Like it would be hard to own a house on a single income – and a secretary’s at that.  It’s hard to cook meals at home when you’re just cooking for one so end up with tons of leftovers that you get sick of before you finish.

The travel thing, well, I guess the main logic behind that has been that I want a traveling companion.  Someone who I can share experiences with – how to shop for groceries when you can’t speak the language, how to find your way around when you’ve never been somewhere, and then to share stories at the end of the day.  And unfortunately most of my friends are married and want to travel with their significant other – not their single friend.

I can’t put all my dreams on hold while waiting for something that may or may not happen.  What if the nature of our jobs makes getting away for trips difficult?  What if he has a disability that makes it hard to travel?  What if we immediately have kids and thus have no time or money for exploring?  What if I never get married?

So even though it’s not preferable to go it alone, this could be my only chance.  I hope not, but life’s too short to live with regrets.

I’m not where I thought I would be at 29.  But I also never thought I would consider moving to a foreign country.  Maybe this trip will be the catalyst to meet someone.  Maybe it won’t – I’m definitely not hanging any hats on that.

But it’s time to stop waiting for life to happen to me.  It’s time to start happening to life.

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