treating Boring-Shirt Syndrome

My wardrobe is pretty boring.  I’ve known this for some time, but decided to do something about it.  What makes things boring is my penchant for plain, solid-colored shirts.  Like, I love white t-shirts.  I actually have to make an effort to not buy any more plain, white t-shirts.  They have to have something on them – texture, an interesting cut, something – or they’re not allowed to come home with me.

So what about the shirts I’ve already got?  I have loads of art supplies thus no excuse, so I attacked three of them.  (And you’ll have to trust me that they look better in person than my photography skills do them justice.)  
Shirt #1!  A plain, black, v-neck shirt – a bit stretched out so it was getting lower-cut each time I wore it.  A little olive fabric, quick sewing, a couple pearl beads, and it’s better!  
I actually got this idea straight from a co-worker’s shirt – except hers was white flowers on a white background with some pretty dip-dying.  
Shirt #2!  A long-sleeved, white shirt attacked with fabric paint.  
You know how you get something new and are excited and want to wear it immediately?  Don’t do this with long-sleeved shirts on 90-degree summer days…  Even if your office has air-conditioning…  
Shirt #3!  One of those plain, white t-shirts I love so much.  Some leftover strips of fabric from this project plus sewing machine equals no-longer-boring.

Seriously, I woke up too early one morning and couldn’t go back to sleep before work.  So twenty-minutes of work and I made this.  Also copied from a shirt I saw a co-worker wearing that I thought was cute.  Geez, I hope my co-workers don’t think I’m staring at their chests when I keep trying to figure out how to make their shirts…
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2 Responses to treating Boring-Shirt Syndrome

  1. Colleen says:

    I so need to do this. My wardrobe is filled with lameness.

  2. Alissa says:

    I have totally been inspired by She just throws paint on fabric and it turns into awesome! I need to start taking risks like that.

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