“Mommy, where do questions come from?”

Where did my question come from?  Why did I randomly start having this idea to move to another country?

In part, I blame Facebook.  Not the program itself, but the way that it lets you connect with everyone and learn what they’re doing in their lives.  Joy lives in Switzerland. Sara’s studying abroad in South Africa. Jenna just moved to Bolivia.  Chris is in Zambia.  Jenae is a missionary in Japan.  RaeAnne is nannying in Italy.  Steph’s planning to move to Taiwan. Amy relocated to the Czech Republic.  Aimee still lives in England.

So is the whole question just a keeping up with the Jones for me?  Well, you should probably know my history…

My dad was born in Colorado.  My mom was born in Colorado.  My sister was born in Colorado.  I’m the fluke.  I was born while my parents were living in Alaska.

Even though my family moved back to Colorado before my second birthday, I remember in elementary school holding onto that “born in Alaska” thing with a bit of pride.  It’s unique!  It’s remote!  It’s exotic!  Well, at least by fourth-grader standards.  I may as well have told my classmates I was born in Finland.

Is it kind of sad that the furthest away I’ve ever been from “home” is the place that I was born?  Maybe not, depending on your point of view, but God did give us a whole planet to live on.

I lived in the same, two-block radius from the time I was two until I went off to college.  I spent my first year of college in Missouri before transferring to school in Colorado.  It wasn’t that I disliked Missouri or missed Colorado necessarily; rather, I decided I wanted to study something that wasn’t offered in Missouri and didn’t have time to travel around the country looking at schools.

Seven years after graduation, I still live in the same town where I went to college.  It’s a wonderful town and I adore living here.  But as my thirtieth birthday approaches, I feel a great sense of regret that I didn’t spread my wings a bit more.  College is a perfect excuse to go someplace new.  Or to spend a semester abroad.  I did none of that.  I was too practical, too worried about incurring additional student loans.

I realize now that I may be missing a great deal by being sensible.

Not that showing sound judgement is bad – don’t be putting words in my mouth.  But taking risks is rarely easy.  It’s hardly ever practical.  And it usually ain’t cheap either.  People go into debt for weddings, houses, cars, education.  Make no mistake, I have NO plans to end up in debt should I do this.

But if God’s given you a means to earn income and you’ve been sensible with that income, don’t you think He’d like you to enjoy the time you’ve got on this rock before He calls you home?

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