How am I going to afford this?

My goodness, this is a BIG question.  Almost as big as the what if itself!

In my current job I’m making less than $20 per hour (still not bad for a juiced-up secretary position) and earning 15 days of vacation per year – well, minus the seven I have to take off for mandatory closures.  So eight days a year.  A week and a half.  And hey, I’m pleased a punch that I passed the five-year anniversary at work so I was bumped up from 12 days per year – five after closures.

But what that means is that even if I could scrape together enough to take a trip to some place I’ve always wanted to see, I’d barely have enough time to get over the jet lag before I have to come home again.

But here’s something I have going for me:  I’m debt free.  Yep.  Never racked up credit card debt in college like so many do.  I paid off my students loans as quickly as possible.  I rent my apartment.  And this summer I paid off my car.  Early.  I have no financial obligation to anyone.  [happy dance]

So I started crunching numbers.  How much money do I have right now?  How much could I save up?  And how much could I get from selling my stuff – including my car?*  So, assuming I move in nine months, I came up with what I feel is best-case and worst-case, each of which may still be conservative.  Worst: ~4 months salary.  Best: ~7 months salary.

*Sidenote: Can I just give myself a hearty pat on the back for purchasing a car with some staying power?  A quick internet search shows that some of her comparable sisters are selling for almost what I paid for her.  By no means do I expect to get that much (in my dreams, maybe) but it’s still encouraging.

Anyway, minus, say, $800 for a flight, $1000 for incidental and moving expenses, and (stab in the dark) $500 for work permit / visa whatsits.  That leaves enough for an adventure, right?

Oh yeah, and $100 for a suitcase.  I don’t even own one.  That itself is kind of sad.

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